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#25330 New "Ghost"??

Posted by CDBomb on 02 July 2010 - 06:12 PM

If the mouthgard prevents McCarron from saying stupid things, it is a net benefit.
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#15911 tiger woods interviews

Posted by CDBomb on 23 March 2010 - 01:18 PM

As much as I agree with some of this, he is still entitled to privacy with his wife. The question everybody wants answered is what happened Nov. 27? I don't see why he needs to answer that. It's his and Elin's business. We know he crashed, the accident, and the stuff in the police report. But why do we as a society feel we are entitled to know what he and his wife discuss. The golf world is above Tiger and will always be okay. Tiger in tournaments is going to be great. How that hampers TV contracts, I don't get. If he had stayed away all year, then yes, I would agree. But he's not. The golfing world has other stars, and true die hard fans won't leave. Look at the NBA with Kobe. They are riddled with scandals and problems, yet everyone still watches and attends games. I don't see much suffering there. I can't see how his sex scandal damaged the economy. Nobody is spending money to begin with. It's already damaged. Economists and Government officials don't care what Tiger Woods does, there focus is on Health care and stimulating spending. Like I said, people will still buy Gillette whether Tiger uses it or not, same with Gatorade, Nike, Tag-Heuer and all his other sponsors and ex-sponsors. They have a status in the market that cannot be broken. Brand loyalty- once people start using it, they become reluctant to switch or never do because they trust the brand. Yes Tiger helped them sell, but I don't see these investors being upset anytime that their bank accounts have taken a huge hit.

Mike, I don't care about Elin. (Well, I do, but I agree that her life is private.) I don't care about Tiger's conversations with Elin. Has anybody ever had a chance to challenge Tiger about what "he and his wife discuss"? Not that I know of. Most writers that I read, don't care either. The question(s) about Tiger's conversations with Elin might be about number 226 on my list of questions for Tiger.

There are much better questions:
Who linked you up with Dr. Galea? Why Dr. Galea? What did Dr. Galea do for you in Florida? Why did he visit you in Florida? What medications have you taken since your knee surgery? What medications have you taken while playing golf professionally? What can you say to people who see the growth of your physique very much the same way as they view baseball players who have mostly all confessed to using PED's under duress? Do you understand why people are viewing your PED-denials with suspicion? Do you understand why you have a huge public-credibility problem? The Thanksgiving car-crash begs understanding. The police report outlines the inexplicable path of your Escalade. But provides no other details. It is not "all in the police report" as you say. What exactly were you doing, that led to that crash? Were you drunk, or under the influence of drugs? Forget about any "Sexual Addiction" treatment. Are you undergoing, or have you undergone, any drug addiction treatment?
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#12799 Tiger to end months of silence on Friday

Posted by Gary on 19 February 2010 - 09:35 PM

i am dissapointed that so many people are backing him, the guy cheated on his wife, kids and his poor old mum and he didn't just cheat once. plus he cheated with really classy birds, come on porn stars, give me a break. i love tiger as a golfer but now i'm really not sure what to make of him. and all the millions of kids all over the world who want to be tiger when they grow up, not sure their parents want that now.

where i come from cheating is not a good thing, cheats cheat, lie, they are dishonest, unfaithful basically they are not good human beings.

tiger f8cked up, who cares but we shouldn't all be backing him for what he has done, the guy is a legend on the course but an a88hole of it.
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Posted by stage1350 on 09 March 2014 - 12:57 PM

8* ROBO?!?! C'mon, LOFT UP!!!!

He did by adding 2° back with the sleeve...like a girl.

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#57650 2013 US Open at Merion Golf Club

Posted by Texsport on 16 June 2013 - 10:15 PM

All credit to the winner!

However, I think that the USGA went way overboard in protecting Merion.

Wet rough 6 inches deep, including around the greens, out of bounds 6 feet from the fairway, blind tee shots, invisible water hazards, and green speeds varying from one green to the next would make any course nearly impossible.

A course like this certainly won't help inspire new golfers to take up the game, and doesn't represent the game anyone in the world plays.

Luck becomes way too big a factor with this kind of setup.

If Merion was set up even close to this all the time, the club would have zero golf members!


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#44727 2012 Vokey SM4 Proto Wedge

Posted by petter7 on 13 September 2011 - 11:04 AM

If you haven't seen them yet, here's some pics of the SM4 wedge being tested on tour for the last several weeks.

Picture 1.jpg
Picture 4.jpg
Picture 5.jpg
Picture 6.jpg
Picture 7.jpg
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#34659 Adams TOUR Idea Pro Gold Small Boxer Hybrids

Posted by pinzer on 08 January 2011 - 11:01 PM

I ordered two of these little guys (22* and 18*) after talking with Marcus. I can't wait to get the heads. Marcus is bending them to a lie angle of 55* and a face angle of 1* open... They're going to be some nasty, anti-left hybrids for sure!
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#13620 Tiger to end months of silence on Friday

Posted by hitsalittle on 28 February 2010 - 10:05 PM

Looks like some people want the rules of BSG posting and a criminal courtroom to be roughly equivalent (Petter!!!) - people are allowed to have different viewpoints here, or even to be flat out wrong. Seriously, I love ya, guy, but you are downright defensive when it comes to Tiger - almost reflexively so. My opinion, and only my opinion, based on nothing but my gut and what I know about PED usage (see post in the "other" Tiger thread), is that I suspect he's used some form of illegal PED at some point. I have no proof and I don't intend to do anything more than share my gut feeling in this post - it ain't gospel, and I don't intend it to be either written or taken that way - I understand there are plenty of reasons why a reasonable person would not share my opinion, and that's ok - when everyone starts agreeing with me, we all have reason to be concerned.

Again, just a gut feeling - and, I might add, I make no judgements about it if it were true (which I have no way of knowing) - if it meant another $2M or more annually to me resulting from better performance in terms of stamina, flexibility, strength, or some combination thereof, and a doctor that I trusted devised a program with minimal side effects and demonstrated to me why I could never be caught, I would possibly do it - and that's certainly possible (the minimal side effects and increased performance part - the not caught part I'm not so sure about - I let my subscription to PED Testing Avoidance mag run out). So, IF he used, I make no judgements. Just like the sex scandal - I would like to think that nearly limitless money and power wouldn't corrupt me - but I can't guarantee I wouldn't interrupt a meal at Perkins to bang a hot waitress if I were in Tiger's shoes. I'm willing to try (well, the money part, but not the fame part) to see how strong I am if anyone wants to write me a check, though!

Petter, I hope you know I'm not attacking you at all - without your posts, this place would be like a church on Super Bowl Sunday...keep 'em coming. Of course, I'm starting to wonder if you're not connected to Camp Tiger in some way given your vociferous defense against these unwarranted and baseless allegations about St. Eldrick...if so, can I get a tour issued goodie from him?
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#13384 Tiger to end months of silence on Friday

Posted by jjj on 26 February 2010 - 08:49 AM

NO!! He didn't!!

This proves you haven't done your homework. Tiger's PRP treatment from Dr. Galea was not illegal.

As for whether I believe who has or has not used PED's of any kind is irrelevent. Everyone is innocent
until proven guilty. With people like you always calling someone a rat just because there are other rats
doesn't do any good. It's a meaningless approach. Get some FACTS and make an astute argument. What
you have done here pales in comparison. Slinging insults at me and giving me massive negative reps is
not the way to a valid point. I'm getting the impression you are only interested in agitating the situation
with your hare-brained scheme to make Tiger look as bad as possible. Have at it, but, not too many will
take you seriously. ;)

I never said the treatment was illegal, that is your mistake. Galea is not licensed to practice medicine in FLA that is illegal and why would he solicite Galea and or other trainer's with ties to Balco. Sorry but no extra homework needed as those are facts and I have no idea what negative reps are or how to apply them. Unsure as to how you formulate opinions but this reaks of wrong doing no matter how you choose to spin it.
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#13371 Tiger to end months of silence on Friday

Posted by petter7 on 26 February 2010 - 12:39 AM

Wow, thank you for setting me straight!!! How dare I or anyone question the player formally know as Tiger. I guess you believed every althete that has made the same criptic denial when asked about the usage. Seriously though why wouldn't he use? The arguement that he wouldn't because of the legallity is humourous, he did receive the treatment from Galea in an illegal manner. No?

NO!! He didn't!!

This proves you haven't done your homework. Tiger's PRP treatment from Dr. Galea was not illegal.

As for whether I believe who has or has not used PED's of any kind is irrelevent. Everyone is innocent
until proven guilty. With people like you always calling someone a rat just because there are other rats
doesn't do any good. It's a meaningless approach. Get some FACTS and make an astute argument. What
you have done here pales in comparison. Slinging insults at me and giving me massive negative reps is
not the way to a valid point. I'm getting the impression you are only interested in agitating the situation
with your hare-brained scheme to make Tiger look as bad as possible. Have at it, but, not too many will
take you seriously. ;)
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#12069 Tiger Woods Saga....

Posted by Speirsy11 on 12 February 2010 - 09:39 AM

i didn't realize i had to have facts to back up personal opinion.

Is this your first day on the internet? If someone agrees, no facts needed; if someone disagrees you need 15 double-blinded cross referenced peer reviewed studies.

Get it together man, you need to KNOW this stuff..........
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#10752 Supaquad Teepee's sticks

Posted by supaquad teepee on 30 January 2010 - 10:43 PM

Here is my set: enjoy :)
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#9550 whiteboard vs x-con

Posted by HossOnMoss on 20 January 2010 - 03:23 PM

XCon-7 will launch higher, spin should be pretty similar. Feel wise, the Matrix will be a little smoother feeling than the White Board 83.

#78044 Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Line: Data Collection Results

Posted by sonodo on 26 June 2017 - 04:34 AM

Thanks to Tex and all these posts I decided to order a subzero with an orange v3 at 47" D3 swing weight with counter weight grip. I also know from Marcus I will get a perfectly built club. Thanks all
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#64193 Odyssey Metal-X milled

Posted by DTown3011 on 25 March 2014 - 09:05 AM

I want the Tank Cruiser V-Line the day it comes out.  I REALLY want a MXM #7 however they ruined it by putting the 3-dot alignment aid (which is awful IMO) on the topline.  If it was 3 solid lines like the the White Hot Pro, I would be all about it.

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#5687 Tiger Woods Saga....

Posted by Balazs on 14 December 2009 - 03:30 PM

Some random thoughts...

If his Dad was still alive, this never would have happened. It seems that with his Dad gone, so were most of his high values and discipline.
Somehow his "new family" did not replace his Dad in terms of providing the same level of moral support to help keep his strength of character. We can only wonder why that is; From the outside everything seemed so perfect...

The biggest question is if he'll ever be able to rebuild his moral/ethical stature. Chances are that even if he manages to resurrect the No#1 golfer in him and even rebuild his marriage he'll not pursue rebuilding Tiger Inc. Most of Tiger Inc was built around the fantasmagoria of him being much more than an outstanding pro athlete. You're never be able to sell that again...
But I'm not sure he'd want to either. He probably did not want to do so the first time around either.

With some luck he might actually end up with a life that suits him more than the previous phony one. Let some walls come down, openness builds trust... But the biggest obstacle in all this will be the obsessive media...

I firmly believe that in the grandest scheme of things it's today's celebrity-obsessed culture that's at fault. There are entire industries built around trying to make you believe we have these special idols that are bigger than life. Total bull.

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#42007 Guys that throw clubs

Posted by Greyboy5 on 12 July 2011 - 09:51 AM

This is an interesting topic, especially since I've thrown a few clubs back in my day. I've really worked on my patience/attitude on the course over the last few years because I would tend to get livid during bad rounds when things weren't going my way. I also like to attribute that to being fairly new to golf, and immature.

I think it's tough to penalize someone for something like this, unless it's becoming dangerous. Does a club slam count? Would a curse count? All could be very distracting and vibing bad energy in the group.

I would think if anything, the penalty should be that the group stops calling him / inviting him to play. Unless you are paired up in a tournament, you should have the option to play with whoever you'd like to.
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#34700 Dustin Johnson WITB?

Posted by petter7 on 10 January 2011 - 02:58 AM

What new Taylor Made gear does Dustin Johnson have in Hawaii??? :smilie_tm:

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#17765 Tigers Press conference..

Posted by Red Leaf on 07 April 2010 - 09:53 AM

I really don't know what to make of it. I thought Tiger was a complete phony; his same old dissemblliing, arrogant self. And that part -- Tiger the Phony -- was the least surprising of all.

What surprised me was how witless, and poorly-crafted and softball all of the reporters were. These are professionals? Who had days to prepare really good questions that a master dodger like Tiger couldn't dodge?

I felt sick to my stomach after it was over, realizing that as time goes on, the Tiger lies will continue, and the few people in the press who aren't afraid of pursuing the real Tiger Woods story will more and more be regarded as harpies, just trying to hurt the image of the golfing great.

Tiger Woods is a liar. We know that much. So when Tiger Woods says, "I didn't use PED's," my default presumption is that his denial is worthless and that the truth may be that Tiger didn't use anything that is technically on some current no-no lists... and that the chances are very good that he worked with people who are into some nasty stuff. Like Dr. Galea. About whom Tiger did some more dissmebling on Monday.

Geoff Shackelford and Michael Bamberger have both tossed out some "better" questions for Tiger. Here are mine:

Q ~ Tiger, there seems to be little doubt about the fact that you did the Men's Fitness cover story in exchange for a deal with the National Enquirer. What were the terms of that deal, and who made that deal for you?

Q ~ Tiger, you've stated in interviews that "No one knew what [you] were doing when [you] were doing it." But there seems to be little doubt that Byron Bell was a kind of procurer for you, and that several people at IMG knew about deals made to keep parts of your life secret. Can you explain your your response(s) and what we should make of your character for truthfulness in all of this?

Q ~ Tiger, were you with one of your mistresses on the night that your father died?

Q ~ Tiger, you have told the press that the subject of your car crash was essentially covered in the police report of the incident. But you never spoke to the police; they never got your story, which is arguably your legal right under the Fifth Amendment. In any event, can you answer any of these questions with specificity?

Were you driving the Escalade?
Why did you careen through the path noted by the police -- over a curb and over part of the Deacon Circle island; wide around the corner, hitting a hedge, then over the neighbor's lawn, across the driveway and into the tree?
Apart form any legal impairment issues, what do you think caused the crash? Alcohol? Prescription drugs? Rage?
Where was Elin as you drove the path indicated in the police report?
Why did Elin smash the two rear windows of the Escalade?
Your injured lip; was it the result of your face hitting some part of the vehicle impact? Can you explain why the police found no trace of blood in the Escalade?

Q ~ Tiger, what will your playing schedule be for the rest of the year? Do you know now that you will play in all four majors? How many tournaments will you play in, apart from majors? Will your sexual addiction/psychological therapy interfere with a normal schedule of 12 or more tournaments from here to the end of the year? If so, are you actively working your "therapy" around golf's majors? Should we expect a future in which you are granted your lifetime status on the PGA Tour, and without sponsors like Buick, Accenture and American Express (which essentially required appearances at 8 or 10 non-major events), that you will conduct an annual schedule in which you play the four majors, plus about three or four non-major U.S. events, and perhaps as many events in Europe, the United Arab Emirates and China?

Q ~ Tiger, what is the current state of your friendship and/or relationship with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley?

Wow! Just frickin wow, man. Guess Tiger's not the only one feeling entitled.

Hello soap box...
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#14838 Who makes the best wedges

Posted by Texsport on 12 March 2010 - 10:42 AM

I believe that this discussion is deteriorating into fictional territory----akin to the error of attempting to "buy a better game".

No matter who grinds, forges, casts,or finishes a wedge, it is only as good as its design as related to the individual player's style and variety of shots + the ability of the player to perform consistently.At the most basic level, the best you can do is select a bounce angle that accomodates your particular attack angle and the type turf you play on.

Wedges carried by the best players in the world have quite a bit of variability.

Many players prefer offset, many prefer none.

Possibly the best wedge player in the world, Jose Marie Olazabal,generally carries no wedge with a loft greater than 56*, with the hosel offset to align with the leading edge of the face, relatively narrow sole and considerable bounce. His wedge shafts are also unique, as he frequently uses very stiff shafts which are soft-stepped 2X or 3X. His skill with this instrument creates every shot he needs.

This configuration cannot be found on any retail club, but was created to JMO's exact specifications and adjustments.

Simply stating which wedge is the best is merely a beauty contest that has little to do with actual wedge performance.

To get the best wedge for an individual, there is a lot of knowledge and performance skill required---else it's just a crap shoot or the aforementioned beauty contest IMHO.

BTW---JMO still carries an old MacGregor Don White ground SW on many occasions.

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