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#25330 New "Ghost"??

Posted by CDBomb on 02 July 2010 - 06:12 PM

If the mouthgard prevents McCarron from saying stupid things, it is a net benefit.
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#15911 tiger woods interviews

Posted by CDBomb on 23 March 2010 - 01:18 PM

As much as I agree with some of this, he is still entitled to privacy with his wife. The question everybody wants answered is what happened Nov. 27? I don't see why he needs to answer that. It's his and Elin's business. We know he crashed, the accident, and the stuff in the police report. But why do we as a society feel we are entitled to know what he and his wife discuss. The golf world is above Tiger and will always be okay. Tiger in tournaments is going to be great. How that hampers TV contracts, I don't get. If he had stayed away all year, then yes, I would agree. But he's not. The golfing world has other stars, and true die hard fans won't leave. Look at the NBA with Kobe. They are riddled with scandals and problems, yet everyone still watches and attends games. I don't see much suffering there. I can't see how his sex scandal damaged the economy. Nobody is spending money to begin with. It's already damaged. Economists and Government officials don't care what Tiger Woods does, there focus is on Health care and stimulating spending. Like I said, people will still buy Gillette whether Tiger uses it or not, same with Gatorade, Nike, Tag-Heuer and all his other sponsors and ex-sponsors. They have a status in the market that cannot be broken. Brand loyalty- once people start using it, they become reluctant to switch or never do because they trust the brand. Yes Tiger helped them sell, but I don't see these investors being upset anytime that their bank accounts have taken a huge hit.

Mike, I don't care about Elin. (Well, I do, but I agree that her life is private.) I don't care about Tiger's conversations with Elin. Has anybody ever had a chance to challenge Tiger about what "he and his wife discuss"? Not that I know of. Most writers that I read, don't care either. The question(s) about Tiger's conversations with Elin might be about number 226 on my list of questions for Tiger.

There are much better questions:
Who linked you up with Dr. Galea? Why Dr. Galea? What did Dr. Galea do for you in Florida? Why did he visit you in Florida? What medications have you taken since your knee surgery? What medications have you taken while playing golf professionally? What can you say to people who see the growth of your physique very much the same way as they view baseball players who have mostly all confessed to using PED's under duress? Do you understand why people are viewing your PED-denials with suspicion? Do you understand why you have a huge public-credibility problem? The Thanksgiving car-crash begs understanding. The police report outlines the inexplicable path of your Escalade. But provides no other details. It is not "all in the police report" as you say. What exactly were you doing, that led to that crash? Were you drunk, or under the influence of drugs? Forget about any "Sexual Addiction" treatment. Are you undergoing, or have you undergone, any drug addiction treatment?
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#12799 Tiger to end months of silence on Friday

Posted by Gary on 19 February 2010 - 09:35 PM

i am dissapointed that so many people are backing him, the guy cheated on his wife, kids and his poor old mum and he didn't just cheat once. plus he cheated with really classy birds, come on porn stars, give me a break. i love tiger as a golfer but now i'm really not sure what to make of him. and all the millions of kids all over the world who want to be tiger when they grow up, not sure their parents want that now.

where i come from cheating is not a good thing, cheats cheat, lie, they are dishonest, unfaithful basically they are not good human beings.

tiger f8cked up, who cares but we shouldn't all be backing him for what he has done, the guy is a legend on the course but an a88hole of it.
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Posted by stage1350 on 09 March 2014 - 12:57 PM

8* ROBO?!?! C'mon, LOFT UP!!!!

He did by adding 2° back with the sleeve...like a girl.

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#57650 2013 US Open at Merion Golf Club

Posted by Texsport on 16 June 2013 - 10:15 PM

All credit to the winner!

However, I think that the USGA went way overboard in protecting Merion.

Wet rough 6 inches deep, including around the greens, out of bounds 6 feet from the fairway, blind tee shots, invisible water hazards, and green speeds varying from one green to the next would make any course nearly impossible.

A course like this certainly won't help inspire new golfers to take up the game, and doesn't represent the game anyone in the world plays.

Luck becomes way too big a factor with this kind of setup.

If Merion was set up even close to this all the time, the club would have zero golf members!


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#44727 2012 Vokey SM4 Proto Wedge

Posted by petter7 on 13 September 2011 - 11:04 AM

If you haven't seen them yet, here's some pics of the SM4 wedge being tested on tour for the last several weeks.

Picture 1.jpg
Picture 4.jpg
Picture 5.jpg
Picture 6.jpg
Picture 7.jpg
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#34659 Adams TOUR Idea Pro Gold Small Boxer Hybrids

Posted by pinzer on 08 January 2011 - 11:01 PM

I ordered two of these little guys (22* and 18*) after talking with Marcus. I can't wait to get the heads. Marcus is bending them to a lie angle of 55* and a face angle of 1* open... They're going to be some nasty, anti-left hybrids for sure!
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#13620 Tiger to end months of silence on Friday

Posted by hitsalittle on 28 February 2010 - 10:05 PM

Looks like some people want the rules of BSG posting and a criminal courtroom to be roughly equivalent (Petter!!!) - people are allowed to have different viewpoints here, or even to be flat out wrong. Seriously, I love ya, guy, but you are downright defensive when it comes to Tiger - almost reflexively so. My opinion, and only my opinion, based on nothing but my gut and what I know about PED usage (see post in the "other" Tiger thread), is that I suspect he's used some form of illegal PED at some point. I have no proof and I don't intend to do anything more than share my gut feeling in this post - it ain't gospel, and I don't intend it to be either written or taken that way - I understand there are plenty of reasons why a reasonable person would not share my opinion, and that's ok - when everyone starts agreeing with me, we all have reason to be concerned.

Again, just a gut feeling - and, I might add, I make no judgements about it if it were true (which I have no way of knowing) - if it meant another $2M or more annually to me resulting from better performance in terms of stamina, flexibility, strength, or some combination thereof, and a doctor that I trusted devised a program with minimal side effects and demonstrated to me why I could never be caught, I would possibly do it - and that's certainly possible (the minimal side effects and increased performance part - the not caught part I'm not so sure about - I let my subscription to PED Testing Avoidance mag run out). So, IF he used, I make no judgements. Just like the sex scandal - I would like to think that nearly limitless money and power wouldn't corrupt me - but I can't guarantee I wouldn't interrupt a meal at Perkins to bang a hot waitress if I were in Tiger's shoes. I'm willing to try (well, the money part, but not the fame part) to see how strong I am if anyone wants to write me a check, though!

Petter, I hope you know I'm not attacking you at all - without your posts, this place would be like a church on Super Bowl Sunday...keep 'em coming. Of course, I'm starting to wonder if you're not connected to Camp Tiger in some way given your vociferous defense against these unwarranted and baseless allegations about St. Eldrick...if so, can I get a tour issued goodie from him?
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#13384 Tiger to end months of silence on Friday

Posted by jjj on 26 February 2010 - 08:49 AM

NO!! He didn't!!

This proves you haven't done your homework. Tiger's PRP treatment from Dr. Galea was not illegal.

As for whether I believe who has or has not used PED's of any kind is irrelevent. Everyone is innocent
until proven guilty. With people like you always calling someone a rat just because there are other rats
doesn't do any good. It's a meaningless approach. Get some FACTS and make an astute argument. What
you have done here pales in comparison. Slinging insults at me and giving me massive negative reps is
not the way to a valid point. I'm getting the impression you are only interested in agitating the situation
with your hare-brained scheme to make Tiger look as bad as possible. Have at it, but, not too many will
take you seriously. ;)

I never said the treatment was illegal, that is your mistake. Galea is not licensed to practice medicine in FLA that is illegal and why would he solicite Galea and or other trainer's with ties to Balco. Sorry but no extra homework needed as those are facts and I have no idea what negative reps are or how to apply them. Unsure as to how you formulate opinions but this reaks of wrong doing no matter how you choose to spin it.
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#13371 Tiger to end months of silence on Friday

Posted by petter7 on 26 February 2010 - 12:39 AM

Wow, thank you for setting me straight!!! How dare I or anyone question the player formally know as Tiger. I guess you believed every althete that has made the same criptic denial when asked about the usage. Seriously though why wouldn't he use? The arguement that he wouldn't because of the legallity is humourous, he did receive the treatment from Galea in an illegal manner. No?

NO!! He didn't!!

This proves you haven't done your homework. Tiger's PRP treatment from Dr. Galea was not illegal.

As for whether I believe who has or has not used PED's of any kind is irrelevent. Everyone is innocent
until proven guilty. With people like you always calling someone a rat just because there are other rats
doesn't do any good. It's a meaningless approach. Get some FACTS and make an astute argument. What
you have done here pales in comparison. Slinging insults at me and giving me massive negative reps is
not the way to a valid point. I'm getting the impression you are only interested in agitating the situation
with your hare-brained scheme to make Tiger look as bad as possible. Have at it, but, not too many will
take you seriously. ;)
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#12069 Tiger Woods Saga....

Posted by Speirsy11 on 12 February 2010 - 09:39 AM

i didn't realize i had to have facts to back up personal opinion.

Is this your first day on the internet? If someone agrees, no facts needed; if someone disagrees you need 15 double-blinded cross referenced peer reviewed studies.

Get it together man, you need to KNOW this stuff..........
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#10752 Supaquad Teepee's sticks

Posted by supaquad teepee on 30 January 2010 - 10:43 PM

Here is my set: enjoy :)
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#65129 ******* WE ARE LIVE - BSG BACK ONLINE ********

Posted by dave 316 on 16 April 2014 - 11:03 AM

Sherri is BEAUTIFUL!!!!   Oh, Site looks great too!!!!

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#54558 Hate to say it guys, but perhaps the time has come

Posted by PLYSGLF on 03 January 2013 - 11:18 AM


I have seen the activity diminish and I am not worried but I do see what you are trying to do with the direction of this site. I really appreciate it and this is my #1 forum on the web. The knowledge on this site is by far better because we are all in it for the same reason, to further ourselves in every aspect of this game we love. I appreciate that BombSquadGolf has some really savvy members and posters, not to mention the moderators, who truly believe in the information they convey to each other. I can say that I look at the other site, mainly for the BST section and some off the course topics but I don't read really anywhere else on there because of the "fluff" that is posted everywhere there from members who just do not know what they are talking about or the "hating" on certain brands, technology or total BS that I feel I need an extra minute to wipe what I read from my memory. Although with that much "fluff" over there I do take away some good but only from trusted people that I agree with and who are truly objective but when I am looking for advice I really rely on what I read from here or share with others because there is a real gentlemen aspect here that I admire. That is why this website will always be "our" #1.

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#4005 What do you golfers want for christmas??

Posted by GolfHawg on 02 December 2009 - 04:34 PM

For Christmas this year.....

First of all, please let me say as a husband, I want my wife's cancer to continue in it's remission.

As a golfer, I would like for Christmas this year, the golf swing I had 38 years ago. (when I was 19)

Prayers are with your wife. God bless!!

For Christmas, saving all my money and hope at the end I have enough to have Todd and Hoss build me some new Irons. :D
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#19852 BSG PLAYER SHAFT TESTING.....Launch Angle + Spin Rate

Posted by Goble 6565 on 27 April 2010 - 08:07 PM

I think that it would be awesome for you BSG to do a ball speed, spin rate, and carry distance test on some of the top long drive component heads.
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#18452 Phil hater: Give me one GOOD REASON

Posted by SwingBlade on 13 April 2010 - 01:36 PM

It took me a few years to better understand that Phil is perhaps a dual personae kind of guy. I used to think he was a phony but now I'm not so sure about that at all.

With the golfing public he is Mister Nice Guy. He signs things, gives away things, and is both polite and helpful and chatty. The golfing public rarely has anything bad to say about Phil encounters. This is all widely known and quite obvious. My only commentary would be that Phil possibly thrives on being idolized. But, that is true of a lot of us. The greatest compliment we can pay another individual is to seek his or her advice and then show appreciation when such advice or help is freely and sincerely given. Phil certainly gets an abundance of such positive feedback from the amateur golfers he encounters.

However, within the Tour environment Phil has not by any measure been idolized. He has long been frequently perceived as a snotty yuppie who often just has to take a shot or make a dig at his fellow pros. Many of these Tour folks use the term FIGJAM with regard to Phil. I've spoken with a few Tour players and a couple of player reps over the last few years and they all confirm this but not with relish or meanness. It's been more of a non-personalized head shaking thing. These guys all say that when the red light illuminates Phil is a very different guy until the light goes off and the camera leaves the room.

So, does that necessarily make Phil any more of a phony than, say, Tiger, especially with what we now know? Actually, comparing Tiger and Phil is purely apples and oranges. Purposeless. Each has very different plus and minus aspects of their respective public and private personaes. But, lately, Tiger's minus points are glaringly apparent and increasingly disconcerting compared to those of Phil or anyone else on Tour. One thing for sure is that neither has been a beloved member of the Tour fraternity in the past.

I personally more and more feel that the travails of the past year with the cancers of both Amy and his mother may have brought Phil down to earth and more humanized him. Certainly, those of us who have weathered such storms well know that different perspectives about a number of life issues can result from such trials. Even Lee Atwater became a real human being before passing away. Real change is possible in anyone.

I thought Phil seemed more genuine than ever at The Masters. Now we'll see if his fellow pros start to utter things like, "Yeah, Phil is a changed guy." etc... That would be nice to hear.

Bottom line, a great many of us have two or three social styles that we use to engage with others. That is why executive training consultants often measure the distinct social styles of an individual with family and friends, then peers, then subordinates, and finally superiors before accessing the real situation and making any recommendations for change.

So, if Phil is an amiable highly sociable guy with the golfing public while coming across as a very controlled and driven elitist with his fellow pros does that necessarily make him a phony? The answer is no. Again, for a variety of reasons related to personal ego, self protection, and social needs, many highly successful people do utilize different social styles in different situations and groupings.

I wish Phil and his family the best. His performance at The Masters was phenomenal ... a legendary performance in all respects.
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#13395 Tiger to end months of silence on Friday

Posted by Irish on 26 February 2010 - 10:16 AM

Tour urged to throw book at Tiger
Thursday February 25 2010
John Daly was punished by the PGA Tour for his actions off the course and now pressure is mounting on the association to be consistent and issue Tiger Woods with a fine or suspension

US Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem is under increasing pressure to officially discipline Tiger Woods over the sex scandal that has rocked professional golf.

If the Tour is to be consistent, then Woods should be fined and/or suspended for a breach of the 2010 PGA Tour regulations pertaining to player conduct.

According to page 120 of the handbook: "Any member who shall be deemed guilty of conduct unbecoming a professional golfer while participating in a PGA Tour co-sponsored, approved or coordinated tournament, or activities related thereto (eg, practice rounds, hospitality events, etc), or who otherwise violates the provisions of Article VI and VII of these regulations shall be subject to fine, suspension and/or permanent disbarment from tournament play as provided in these regulations."


But while any such suspension only applies to on-course behaviour, try telling that to John Daly or Jim Thorpe who were slapped with suspensions for off-course transgressions.

Daly was sin-binned for six months in 2008 after being arrested for being intoxicated in a public place and Thorpe was told he couldn't play the Champions Tour while waiting a prison sentence for tax evasion.

But for all Daly's misdeeds, never before has a player of such stature as Woods brought the ancient game into such disrepute.

"We take the view that if something happens in your personal life, it is not subject for disciplinary action," said Finchem. "The fact that another individual or individuals made it public doesn't dissuade us from that attitude. I don't know of any other sport that disciplines a player for things like that in their private life."

Woods has already cost sponsors like Nike, AT&T and Gatorade a reported cool $12bn while crowd figures at US Tour stops are down 10-25pc when he doesn't play, and TV ratings are slashed in half

So, if the Commissioner Finchem and his US Tour are to be consistent, Woods should be publicly and officially shown the red card.
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#12130 Tiger Woods Saga....

Posted by cameronfan99 on 12 February 2010 - 06:28 PM

fine, here goes.

Tiger has paid out thousands and thousands to keep his harem quiet. this proves to me that he has no problem with deception. i don't think it would be a stretch if it applied to other areas of his life. that's why if performance enhancing drugs are brought up it wouldn't surprise me if he partook.

fair enough, good point.
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Posted by Marlockey Golf on 14 February 2014 - 01:30 PM

Well, so this is the new BSG, To all the New Member's WELCOME, but we've been here longer than WRX, this site my friend's as not suddenly restarted, I hate to be Negative but as ROBO as clearly stated, I'll have my say and then let the celebration's carry on, when this site suffered problems we didn't all disappear , some of us stayed on, it was very quiet admittedly , but there was hope that it would pick back up, WRX benefitted from the crash of this site, but what i've seen on WRX is the constant bitching, slating and arguing, which left this site a long time ago, and constant references to how WRX had become the new BSG, with the owners having to defend their site by stating how WRX was created,
a couple of us that tried to Defend BSG were shot down and i even had to take my argument with Richard to PM, as he did not like the arguments i was putting forward, another more prominent member on here who i hold in the highest esteem ( petter7) was also attacked, now all of a sudden the same guy's who attacked us and slated BSG are following the pied piper
because he's part owner of this site, well throw in some dancing Banana's :banana1: :banana1: :banana1: :banana1:

Perhaps the first thing you can do ROBO is apologise to the current Membership here, it wasn't that long ago you were GOD on here, and we all know the story of what went down, but it was nothing to do with the membership, back in the day we all had some great fun, and i would personally far prefer to see that type of input again than some of the insulting stuff that we've become accustomed to on WRX. I can certainly understand why you don't want anyone on here to Bad mouth WRX after all you have benefited from them.

I'll have to put this to one side for the benefit of Marcus who i think as done a great job trying to revive this site in difficult times, i stuck by him then and will continue to stick by him as long as this site does not become GolfWRX, i have benefited from this site in that i have become friend's with some great people, have gained some tremendous knowledge from this site both from members and Marcus, and have got to try and own some Very special equipment, that i would never have got from a Retail outlet.

All the very Best to you Both in your new Venture together.
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