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REVIEW AREA  ... PLEASE  listen to me on this one. One thing I HATED !!!! about other sites were the never ending shifting of threads by geek moderators because  of their opinion on where THEY thought it should be. So follow along ... If you do a review of CALLAWAY ALPHA DRIVER with a VEYLIX shaft .. PLEASE !!!! .. feel free to post it in Retail or Tour sections  (which ever applies) .. but also .. copy it in the CALLAWAY & DRIVER & VEYLIX threads in this area  - ALL OF THEM.  We have an INSANE amount of space - don't worry about that. Plus if you are like me - some days I just want to read DRIVER reviews - and then maybe just CALLAWAY reviews - put your threads in ALL of them as well as the main sections of the board. Its OK !!! .. We WANT YOU to do it !!!! .. Go browse that area - you will see what I am talking about ... same thing with balls & brands - FILL EM UP !!!

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