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Titleist TS2 Fitting

23 September 2018 - 09:40 PM

I went to my first non-BSG Trackman fitting ever 10 days ago with one agreement with my fitter.  Beat the G400 and I'll buy a Titleist.


Results were my new toy:


TS2 (8.5 degree)

Dexterity: RH

SureFit Hosel Setting: A-1

SureFit Weight: +2 g

Length: -0.5"

Shaft (Flex): Project X EvenFlow T1100 White 65 (6.0)

Grip (Size): Titleist Tour Velvet 360 - White Midsize (Standard)


After warming up, I hit half a dozen shots with the G400 and Ping Tour 65 shaft (was 10deg, set to 9 deg).   My ballflight has always been too high for a windy coastal region, and even good ball strikes produced more cut than I wanted.  Bad swings, especially when I was trying to make it cut, ended up being sweeping cuts.


While I was hitting the Ping, my fitter at Sandpiper Golf Club built me something similar to my Ping.  After a dozen swings, a few shaft changes, and a head change, he found the combination above.  While tweaking the Titleist driver, he had me hit the Ping to see if the numbers were consistent.  It wasn't my best swinging day, but I was very consistent with both drivers.  I was hitting Pro V1's, my normal ball.


Spin was down, ball speed was up, and best of all I was hitting it roughly 1/3 lower than I had been.  Carry was roughly the same as the Ping, but the ball was landing at a much better angle and getting more roll.  I was hitting the ball almost too straight, with the bad swings were about a 10yd cut at worst.  


As for "increase in ball speed", yes I got more ball speed, but thats probably a lot more from the shaft change than the new head.  Best ball speed with the Ping all day was 141, and I had a 148 with the Titleist.  Average for both was roughly 137ish with the Ping, 144ish with the Titleist.


As for the massive +2g Surefit weight increase, I think it was to help the spin because on really good swings I was almost hitting knuckleballs.   I was getting pretty tired and my brain was stealing oxygen from my ears.


I got the driver Friday, and after 3 days of golf at my club, I didn't lose distance (overall Id say I gained some), ball flight is down, but most of all instead of aiming at the left edge of the fairway, I can aim 1/3 the way in.  That's my favorite part, changing the 1/3 the way in to the right on dogleg lefts and tee shots where OB is tight on the left makes it a little less stressful, and Im not over cutting it trying to keep the ball safe. 



Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Pinseeker

02 October 2017 - 07:08 PM

Dropped it first time out while sitting in cart, quit working, Bushnell wont honor warranty.  May have fallen 18 inches to 2 feet?



Don't buy one.  My V2 has been bounced around for a long time and no issue.  Bushnell just lost a customer.   :censored2:  :censored2:  :censored2:  :censored2: