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26 December 2018 - 10:21 AM

Merry Christmas, Bing!


A lot of people fish muskies up here. I'm not one, as I like to eat fish I catch and muskie hunters are all catch and release. I think the "fish of ten thousand casts" with a fly rod you'd wear your shoulder out before you ever caught one. It would be fun if you did, though! I think fly fishing for smallmouth bass would be more fun and more productive. Pound for pound a smallmouth has the most fight of any fish we have in the northwoods. Smallies are really curious fish. I tell people that if they're swimming in a lake that has smallmouth, they're being followed by the fish. People think that's a crazy assumption, but they follow me when I'm snorkeling and scuba diving. While diving they'll come up within touching distance. I think the sound of the bubbles attracts a lot of fish. 


The only way to know if the ice is safe is to test it. For several weeks my neighbors have been going down to the lake, walking out and drilling holes in shallow water. 4" is plenty to hold a man, 6" for a snowmobile or ATV. My Ranger is heavier than those so I wasn't going to risk it until we had 8". We've got plenty of ice now and soon we'll see guys driving their pickups out. Need at least 12" for a truck.


When it's really cold and we're "making ice", the ice will pop as it expands. It can be a bit unnerving to be sitting out there and it's loudly popping. But especially a little later in the winter we know we're not going anywhere. We'll end up with 2 feet thick ice on the lake.


I read an article over the weekend about how there is very little clinical trial and testing for medicinal uses of MJ because it's a Schedule 1 drug. There is only one lab approved for growing MJ for research and people say the product they produce is garbage, nothing like people are growing these days. There was legislation to move it from Schedule 1 status a year or so ago, but Attorney General Sessions had it shot down.


The arthritis in the knees sounds painful. Our club Pro's wife suffers like you. She recently had a laser treatment that was to break up the arthritis in a non-invasive procedure. She said it helped. I haven't seen her in a while and now am curious as to whether the effects were short or long term.


It's going to be a quiet couple days here in the office. A lot of folks taking the week off. 


Take care and keep on biking!


In Topic: Knee Replacement Surgery and Golf

19 December 2018 - 04:06 PM



Sorry to hear about the knee troubles. Whether it's a bad back, knees, whatever, anything that keeps us from being active is a hard pill to swallow. I'm with the old guy, the more active you can be, the better. Going through physical therapy, I carried those same exercises into my gym workouts, still do. There were a couple pot bellied guys in the gym, who each had two micro-diskectomies and were still not right. They watched me working out and one told me to skip the physical stuff and just have the surgery. I called BS on that. I'm in pretty good shape for 60, bad disk, or not.


By now you've seen the doctor. What did he have to say?


I use hydrocodone for pain. Nine years ago when I first blew the disk I used it a fair amount. I know 3 people who got addicted to the stuff and their lives are not the same, so I'm very leery of taking it too much. Went through the first prescription of about 90 pills in a year, then got a refill. This past golf season I didn't take any and I still have over half the refill bottle left. 


I have a friend in the cannabis business out west. They've had a number of people being cured of cancer taking CBD oil. My friend himself had a tumor on his lung. Post surgery he's cancer free and attributes it to the oil. Another is the 5 year old daughter of a neighbor and member of our club. The doctors told them there was nothing they could do for her. I just saw them at the club and the kid is doing great. The adult daughter of one of our retired members was diagnosed with stage 4 and given a grim outlook. After being on the oil for a few weeks she went back for tests and the tumor was about gone. Doctors speechless. I watched an 80 year old man with tears streaming down his cheeks thanking my friend for helping them with the oil.


The wife of our pro has bad knees. She's been using a CBD cream and it alleviates the pain. My buddy also used the oil as a topical in the area of the incision site and was playing golf months ahead of when the docs said he'd be able to. He'd be unable to lift his arm up to shoulder height, apply oil and in 15 minutes was swinging a club. I believe there are real applications for that stuff. 


I have another friend who is going through chemo and it's kicking her a_ _. But it's illegal here and after helping a number of people they've run into problems getting a supply of the oil here.


I also tried some gummies for pain a couple years ago. Took a small dose that didn't give me a buzz. I think it helped, but it was a small sample size, as I only had a couple of them.


I know the cancer cases I've described are anecdotal evidence, but if I was diagnosed with cancer I'd be taking a short leave from work and making a road trip out west to visit my buddy's company.


All that being said, I have reservations about making it legal for recreational use. We have enough people sitting on the couch on the government dole. The last thing we need is more poorly motivated people with their hands out. And these days with the way people are always on their phones while driving, do we need them to be stoned at the same time?

I had the Ranger out on the lake this past weekend. Driving it through the snow is fun. It's not a speed demon, just a tool that exponentially increases my range and options for places to fish. I'm excited to get out and reach some areas I formerly couldn't get to. 


I lost a really nice walleye at the hole. A northern had taken the bait, ran out some line and spit it out. Put on a new minnow, dropped it into the hole and fed the line down. Reeling up the slack all of a sudden the line started going out. Sure enough, a fish had grabbed the new minnow on the way down. I set the hook and immediately know it's a hefty fish. After a short tussle it comes to the hole and I see it's a big, fat walleye. I'm pulling it out of the ice, head above the surface, it flips hard and shakes the hook. As it descends back down the hole I jam my arm into the water and come up empty. I release larger walleyes, eat the smaller ones, so would have released the fish anyway, but it would have been nice to measure and take some pictures first.


Merry Christmas to you!


In Topic: Knee Replacement Surgery and Golf

03 December 2018 - 03:44 PM



The deer season is come and gone. No venison for the freezer this year. Second morning was -7F. I didn't last long in the tree. Once the chill hits the core, you're done. Had to get down and walk around.


I bought a used Polaris Ranger and am having snow tracks installed. I hope to get it back for the weekend. There's 6" of ice on our lake now, almost good enough for me to ride the machine on. With lows in the low teens, highs in low to mid 20's this week we'll be making ice. 


My biggest health issue is the ruptured L5-S1 disk in the lower back. Pulling a sled through snow is hard on the back. The new Ranger with tracks solves that. Now more having such a hard time getting out of bed the next day. I'm also buying a 3 man clam from my brother in law. It's a big sled with a tent that folds up and over. There's seating for 3 people inside, room to stand and move around. A Mr. Buddy heater in there and we'll be able to get inside to warm up on the colder days. The sled has a trailer hitch that attaches to the Ranger.


Our indoor hitting station and simulator should be ready to go this week. I occasionally get together with one or two of the boys, have a couple beers and hit some balls. 


Take care,


In Topic: Knee Replacement Surgery and Golf

09 November 2018 - 02:47 PM

Bing: I've not had any surgeries, just logging in to wish you the best, whatever route you choose! My Dad used to say "It's hell getting old" and I'm starting to figure out what he meant. 


Our golf season is over. The courses all closed 1-2 weeks ago. We have snow now. 25*, north wind, today. Up to a foot forecasted for tonight in some areas. I'll be firing up the snowblower in the morning.


My last round was two weeks ago. 6 of us teed off, playing two man best ball and total for a little cash. I shot 42 on the front in a steady drizzle, 31 on the back after being able to discard the rain gloves. We dug ourselves too deep a hole on the front and went home with the wallet a little lighter. 


Good luck!

In Topic: Titleist TS2 Fitting

24 September 2018 - 02:05 PM

Your fitting is similar to my last one. I didn't gain a great deal of distance, but shot dispersion was improved. The driver is my friend and I don't miss many fairways.


I can't believe the people who don't believe in getting fit. Like you said, it wasn't your best swinging day. But even though there are differences in how you strike the ball from one day to the next, your swing is your swing and I believe a good fitter can help, even on a poor swinging day.


Right, Marcus?