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In Topic: Knee Replacement Surgery and Golf

28 November 2018 - 10:11 AM

If you have a place to exercise in the water and swim it may be worth a try until you decide to have the surgery. My wife has a bum knee and that type of exercise/therapy helps a lot to limit pain and maintain strength and range of motion.

Thanks MileHigh!


Maybe warm water, in Hawaii, might work!!


I think it might have been the weather change.  Was fine until last month then bammm....


I used to swim in a heated salt water (sea) pool.  Well, just floated around in it -- awesome!!





In Topic: Knee Replacement Surgery and Golf

23 November 2018 - 10:16 AM

I have several friends that have had knee replacement and continue to play golf free of pain. Only one has had any issues following the procedure, but, he continues to play.  I'm quite sure he ddn't stick to the therapy schedule once he was released and supposed to be doing it on his own. Eveyone else has said it was worth the pain during recovery. 

Thanks Mile High, That's good to hear!! 


A few of my friends have had it and most are very pleased with the outcome BUT they don't play golf -- just  lots of basketball...   My worries...


Doc says cycling is my best option but backed off since September so that may be the issue.


As they say now, We'll see what happens!




In Topic: Shamada Oban and Nippon Shafts

23 November 2018 - 10:11 AM

I have tested the Oban CT-115 and they are exceptional. Definitely one of the best feeling iron shafts that I’ve hit. Very stable, but not harsh at all.

Hi Marcus,


Regarding the Oban 115 shaft --  there are a lot of subsets, is the 115 in the middle of the spectrum?  


I am looking for something in a 110 gram or a little lighter with a mid flex that is a little higher in launch.


I have been hitting the JPX919 Tour irons and they launch a little higher for me in the JPX 900 T.  


Right now, shaft of choice is the Nippon 95 GH stiff but on the light side on the 9 and PW.  Great shafts though!  


The stiff is right in my wheelhouse as they say...



Also, wondering if you have hit the 919 Tour irons?  I think, for me, they are the best feeling and forgiving set of Mizunos I have ever hit!!  

Very forgiving and exceptional on a slight miss to the right.  


Looking forward to seeing their new driver.  I am sure Tex probably has one already!  :D







In Topic: Knee Replacement Surgery and Golf

22 November 2018 - 11:23 AM

Bing: I've not had any surgeries, just logging in to wish you the best, whatever route you choose! My Dad used to say "It's hell getting old" and I'm starting to figure out what he meant. 


Our golf season is over. The courses all closed 1-2 weeks ago. We have snow now. 25*, north wind, today. Up to a foot forecasted for tonight in some areas. I'll be firing up the snowblower in the morning.


My last round was two weeks ago. 6 of us teed off, playing two man best ball and total for a little cash. I shot 42 on the front in a steady drizzle, 31 on the back after being able to discard the rain gloves. We dug ourselves too deep a hole on the front and went home with the wallet a little lighter. 


Good luck!

Rick,  Good hearing from You as always!


Went to the Ortho Knee doc this week.  A ND grad!  and were related somehow...  Very conservative approach but both are a wee bit stiff.  Told him the right is due to my "slight" sway to the right.  

Left can be worked on a bit.  Probably no golf for a while...  


Summer went awry.  Jan broke her arm/hand/wrist.  No riding for her since then.  I was own my own for the rest of the year.  Stayed home and helped opening jars, pouring coffee, etc.  Good news is that the XRays came back and the carbon fiber TIME bike  frame is fine!  


Didn't make it to Montana for the big ride or fall fishing in Yellowstone.  Oh, well.  


Figures, we have had the best fall weather of all time.  Dry and Cool and looks to stay that way for a while.  Very little golf.


Sounds like you had a great year and a fantastic trip  across the pond!


We are planning to do a trip to Ireland with one of my friends mid July.  See where it all started, etc. 



Any Ice Fishing this winter?  Always wanted to do that!





In Topic: Shamada Oban and Nippon Shafts

22 November 2018 - 11:16 AM

Heard the same but $75.00 for the shaft is a little expensive.  


Maybe worth it.  I am going to try one in a lighter 110 gram which should be right in the middle of the flex range.


I know I'll like em!