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#78566 Jimmy Ballard

Posted by BingHogan on 27 June 2018 - 10:43 AM

Explanation of why Ballard advocates a more level shoulder turn on the backswing.



Level shoulders on backswing - right shoulder pushed or pulled  behind - then cover ball with right shoulder thru impact.


Examples of that action:


Jason Dufner vs Ben Hogan




One other point - If you want to hit it long, you must swing fast! Notice the swing tempo and total time of these swings from address to finish. Particularly with female players, they swing much too slowly going back and arent strong enough to really accelerate on the downswing. Anika had a fast backswing!


I  prefer and aspire to quick tempo, connected, and slightly shorter,yet powerful swings like Jason Dufner, Jon Rahm, and Tony Finau.





Just been going through He#! with my iron swing.  Talked to one of our guys and says, since I am old... I must splay the right foot out more to get more shoulder turn AND narrow my base. Hips weren't moving back, etc., etc.   So far, I can't hit a ball to save my arse!  Hitting behind the ball, basically its turned to excrement!  


Enter our Pro Emeritus:  Watching me hit and  walked over and said -- what the heck is going on???  Long story and explanation.  Felt like the I am too narrow and toppling over.  "You Are!" 


Anyway, I am wider and standing taller and moving the back swing with the big muscles.  Told me that I know how to do this and gave me a few easy "suggestions".    Distance is coming back slowly with the irons.  Back in balance.


Watched me hit a few from a distance with nice words of encouragement!  


Went out with my grandson yesterday and HE was commenting on my swing...   :D  Whipper Snappers... 


That is a Great Video!!  Its so simple -- its complicated a Bing saying...




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#78527 Graphene - Next big thing in Golf?

Posted by BingHogan on 16 May 2018 - 09:36 AM

Going to try a Mizuno GT180


Will install Webb Simpson's current driver shaft - Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 5 X


Aaahhhhh, the never-ending experiments!



It's a great driver especially with all of the adjustments!  You'll have to buy your own Launch Monitor to find out which set up works best.


I have last years JPX driver with the standard shaft.  Long and straight.  Not as forgiving as the Ping 400 but quite a bit longer.  The shaft is just a touch stiff for me but manageable.  I lengthened it a bit , which helps.  


I would suggest going to the Mizuno site and looking at the video tutorial on the set up.  


Interesting, I am looking at the same shaft in a lighter weight.  I have the DI 6 SR which works well in the Ping.  Head weight is a bit high and they are saying its the lowest they can go, so...  Probably a new head coming.  


The standard low spin Mizuno ST is a Rocket!  No adjustments though...  Fairways are really good and hot! 


I believe Mizuno is or has been way ahead on this Twisted Face and Hot Ti face business but I am sure the new T 919 driver will be out soon.... great...


I hit the Rogue yesterday which was very good but waiting to try the Ping Max.  


Oh, BTW,  I just got an email this morning about a new "Swing Jacket" on the market.  Looks like Peter J's redux.   Runs around $140.00.



Have Fun Fishing in Minnesota!   




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#78511 Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Posted by BingHogan on 03 May 2018 - 07:22 PM

Battled this for several years after going with the more fashionable wingtip look and the swoosh shoes.  Not really made for waking a course.


Switched to Ecco's which completely eliminated the issue..


 Telek flip flops for walking around the house instead of barefoot on hardwood floors.  


Worst case is going to Birkenstocks.  Very popular in downtown Portland.  My wife says I finally fit in to the Portlandia lifestyle -- short of a Prius and a man bun!




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#78472 The Best Band In The World - Starting In 2011!

Posted by BingHogan on 09 March 2018 - 10:10 PM

The great Derek Trucks playing lead guitar behind Eric Clapton and Doyle Bramhall II - "Isn't It A Pity"


Solo beginning at about 4:13 - the one, the only, Derek Trucks!


As soon as you hear it, you know it can be no one else - DAAAMMMM!




The Best!!!




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#78459 The Cure Putter

Posted by BingHogan on 26 February 2018 - 12:22 PM

I had an opportunity to try the Cure RX2, not sure if that is correct... But its is one easy putter to align and roll.


Very impressive and nice feel but that is one Big Putter!


During my latest travels to California, I tried the new Ping Vault 2.0 and have a serious love affair with the new ZG!  This isn't good... Since adjusting my BB37 with a little more loft and flattening the lie a touch, putting on the first day on fast greens was automatic.


That small little ZG is probably going in the bag later in March, so simple to align with a micro dot and the ability to add or subtract weight.  


Feel is really soft, maybe a bit too much if thats possible,  with the new balls.  Using the Stone Tour BXS. 


Anyway, You can't have enough putters and drivers!




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#78442 The Cure Putter

Posted by BingHogan on 10 February 2018 - 10:20 AM



My CX2 Cure is 70* lie and I play it with all the weights in - 384 grams  - 2.5* loft.


It's point-and-shoot.



Thanks Tex,


I like the idea of adding or subtracting weight on the perimeter of the putter which doesn't really affect MOI that much,  etc.


There are a couple of places in Portland that have them and it looks like they have  a B60 shape which I still believe is the best putter I have ever used.


My friend, aka,  the big hitter, has gone back to his TM Nubbins putter, good grief!  I let him try one of my Bettinardis yesterday with the Garsen Grip and a couple of Forged Yes putters and I just chuckle...  Old Dog, New tricks or putters!



Drivers and Putters... it never stops!




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#78409 Taylormade M4 Driver

Posted by BingHogan on 11 January 2018 - 09:58 PM

I happened upon a UK site in which the M3 was tested by an amateur player on Youtube.   Consistent swing and all balls were fairly accurate to center for a 95 mph ish player. 


There was one toe miss to the right which went around 290, assuming yards.  He said he had hit it off the toe.  Well beyond anything he has ever hit before.  


So, maybe the high toe. square or slightly open is a high knuckle to the right and long which is better than the hard top spin forehand to the corner.  


Looking forward to trying both the M3 and M4.  




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#78323 Seeking Scotland travel advice

Posted by BingHogan on 10 November 2017 - 09:49 AM

Only drawback for me with graphite iron shafts is that they really don't like thin shots.


The punched shot brings that possibility into play.


The RIP Tour 115gm shafts have a naturally lower trajectory for me - 7-iron thru PW for me.


The Aerotech 110gm in my 5 and 6-irons fly a little higher with more spin. A little more of a challenge.


Have fun with the testing!



Thanks Tex!


Played the 6 and 8 iron  (Aerotech 110) the past week in some awful wind and weather.  I used the new B stone in S and RX and the S is the ticket in the wind.  Impressive!


I did notice a bit higher flight then my Dynamics AWT/AMT, but overall distances were better.  Both excellent shafts.  Maybe another set in Aerotech and keep the Dynamics for wind.




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#78312 Seeking Scotland travel advice

Posted by BingHogan on 08 November 2017 - 03:10 PM



What's your setup like for long chips and pitches?


Any Paul Runyan or Phil Rodgers in there?


That's how I do it.


Besides the short game, I practice 1/2 shots every range session, with every club, all the way thru my hybrid, and like hitting them more than full shots also. I can hit useful shots, and practice my arm connection thru impact - Geoff Jones aka "Swingfixer's" 9 to 3 drill.


An illustration of punched shot use -


I remember a story told to me by a local pro, who had the opportunity to play a practice round with San Snead, many years ago.


On a windy, 185 yd par 3, Sam watched the other pros hit 4,5, and 6 iron shots. Sam pulled a 2 iron and punched it in 3 feet away.



Tex,  my set up for long chips is basically using a 6 iron, played back in the stance, weight on left side or basically turing the 6 iron into a 5 iron. At Bandon with the huge greens, I used a 4 iron played in the middle of my stance which worked very well.  Putting grip, hands opposed equally, of course.  


Stance is not square, I find it a bit restricting, but Mr. R. played it that way with a slight toe out.  Didn't work for me as well as the left foot pulled back a touch.

I hovered the club a bit and toe down to have the shaft perpendicular to the ground. Assuming a  good and level lie.  


I focused on the back of the ball on the exact spot and almost as the same time as impact, my head would follow the shot down the line.  I know Gary Player says to keep your head still (putting) until you hear it drop (ball) but I prefer the down the line follow through which is very accurate for me.  I think Anika!  


Jay and Bill Hass were out here with Mr. Trevino and I watched Bill pitch a few short shots in for a very low score hovering around 60 ish.  My thought is that if he doesn't keep that up or doesn't constantly practice that shot it can get a bit ugly.  Too long, way too short, etc.


I think it was last year or so that Jay finally jumped in to help with the short around the green shots getting away from the high lofted short pitch shot which seemed not to be working as well.  He basically showed him the lost art of the putt/chip.  Interesting... I think Feherty had said something nice about Mr. R. and this technique.    


One of my friends last spring, just came back from a golf camp mostly short game and gave me a lesson on this  :rolleyes: Explained to me why we should be chipping with an short iron not a wedge.  I didn't want to burst his bubble...  


I explained the rule of 11 with the irons and I said I could have saved him about $$$$.$$!  


There is a lot more but this is basically what I do.  




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#78227 The Best Band In The World - Starting In 2011!

Posted by BingHogan on 29 September 2017 - 09:08 AM

Desperate attempts to overcome aging - unfortunately, father time is undefeated!



Its all relative.  I played with Paul Runyan when he was near 90!


My friend asked me if I was getting reading for the Senior Club Championship this summer.  I said: No, I'm not old enough yet!   Mindset...




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#78159 Ping G400, Need shaft advise,

Posted by BingHogan on 31 August 2017 - 09:39 PM

House is O K in Texas - I'm playing golf and fishing in Minnesota.


Thanks for asking Bing!



Good!  Thoughts and Prayers were with You.  




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#78138 The Best Band In The World - Starting In 2011!

Posted by BingHogan on 18 August 2017 - 12:53 AM

Thats pretty good, Tex!  


I like the first version in the living room.  




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#78076 Personal Launch Monitor

Posted by BingHogan on 08 July 2017 - 09:34 AM

One of the guys at our place carries his own track man or whatever they are called.  Very serious fellow.  Has all the equipment, clothes, etc.  A little unapproachable.  


After seeing this go on for over a year, I am have to say something -- of course.  That went well...

Later in the day, I was coming in on one of the holes and heard this clanking, thuds,  more awful strikes.  The tee box is fairly close to the green but with a bunch of large trees that I am looking through to see who the &%$# is hacking it this bad.  Guess Who!?!  


Just started chuckling.   He looked over and noticed me... Poetic Justice!  Just smiled.  


Sometimes its not all about launch and spin numbers.   :D 




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#78055 Lots Of Posts About Longest Shafts - But What's The Best Feeling?

Posted by BingHogan on 29 June 2017 - 08:49 AM

Yes!  Fubuki K is a great shaft. 


I found an old Fubuki in a Mizuno 5 wood and I still can't figure out why I had it in the back of the garage for the last 5 years.

I have tried it in every head and it just performs well for me. Cobra Fly Z, 915D3, 917D3. 


Ordered a K from Marcus to go into my new Ping G 400 driver!  


Sometimes New,  ain't that Great!   :D




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#77924 Fubuki V - Any info on this new version?

Posted by BingHogan on 02 May 2017 - 08:32 PM

I really like it , but it's different that the K - much stouter. I applied a Boccieri counterweighted grip and a little more head weight to help the shaft work. I learned this last year with a Ping driver and it works for me.


But I have had another delay in playing much - a basal cell carcinoma I had to get off my nose.


Still healing and staying out of the sun for a little while longer.



Glad the Epic is working well for You!


Tried an M1 in 440 with a interesting shaft today.  Didn't work for me.  Next up the standard Epic.  Hopefully Marcus will have a few left over Fubuki K's left.  


Oh, new Mizuno T7 62/08 wedge today -- not bad...  Might stay in the bag.  


We don't have to worry much about the sun around here these days...


Recovering  myself from a "little somethin, somethin" the Docs were monitoring from last year.   A year ago and still doing well.  Thank The Good Lord for Miracles!!!


Prayers and Thoughts coming Your Way!




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